I’ve got your back.

The beginning of a new school year brings up a lot of things: excitement, fear, stress, stress, stress. Look at your kid: see how brave they are being: to go to school, meet new teachers, see old friends, start school work again …. wow.
What courage – to even walk into campus that first day!
How can I tell my kid that I have his back? That I believe in him/her? I’m steering away from worrying and trying to control and toward thinking about how I can get the message across:

I’m in your corner.
I believe in you.
Wow, you’re really growing up!
I love you.

Any ideas?

Easy: Text your kid “I love you” every day.
More Challenging: Tell them directly that you believe in them.
Even More Challenging: Ask them how you can support them even more, “If you have any ideas about ways that I can support you, please let me know.”