How I Work

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My style of therapy — whether it is coaching parents or individual, family, or couples therapy — involves working in the present moment to explore how you are relating to yourself and others. I like to support you in making active, healthy, fulfilling change in your life. I have been trained in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology, and find that focusing on what is happening now allows a client to notice and increase what they want more of and take a look at what is holding them back.

Specifically, I work directly with clients to assist them in ‘showing up’ the way they want. I use a combination of psychotherapies with clients. That might look like discussing a certain situation that is not working for the client – how it feels, what it meant, specifically what the client did, and how it was received. We would discuss what the client would instead like to see happen and what that means. Then we would work directly with how the client can invite that to happen: we might create some sentences and energetic stances for when that situation might come up again, and role play it until the client is comfortable.

In more professional terms, I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic-Existential, Narrative, Mindfulness, Brief Strategic, Metaphor, and Play Therapies. The fit of the therapist to the client is vitally important, and for that reason I suggest a free consultation for anyone considering working with me, so that you can see how I work and how my style feels to you. I also suggest that you might want to interview several therapists to notice their different styles and then choose one. I also check in with clients around the 4th to 6th session to see if the therapy is going as they desire.